High Temperature Bakelite Nozzle - 3175A
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Bakelite nozzle, tungsten steel nozzle, used to pick and place, operation, patch needs special design tools. Using USA DuPont materials, the ability of 480 temperature suitable for the conditions of normal temperature and high temperature. The development of the bakelite nozzle, tungsten steel nozzle variety suitable for ASM, KNS, KAIJI, SHINKAWA, ESEC and other equipment, the minimum bore can be used for bonding, 0.08mm, eutectic or soft solder chip such as semiconductor, LED etc.. Can be customized according to the needs of customers processing.


Part No L (Length)  A B
Diameter mm
3175A-11MM-VES-CT-008-003 3.175 11 0.200 0.075
3175A-14MM-VES-CT-008-004 3.175 14 0.200 0.100
3175A-14MM-VES-CT-010-005 3.175 14 0.250 0.125
3175A-14MM-VES-CT-012-006 3.175 14 0.300 0.150
3175A-14MM-VES-CT-014-007 3.175 14 0.350 0.175
3175A-14MM-VES-CT-016-008 3.175 14 0.400 0.200
3175A-17MM-VES-CT-020-010 3.175 17 0.500 0.250
3175A-20MM-VES-CT-030-015 3.175 20 0.750 0.375

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