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High-speed aluminum machine  (For digital, dot matrix, PCB)

Model Features

  1. High-speed automatic search welding mode;
  2. High-speed, stable welding head, X / Y linear table design;
  3. Automatic feeding line / pull line system can accurately adjust the tail length;
  4. Programmable welding time and welding power;
  5. Programmable welding pressure and welding line arc;
  6. Forward / reverse welding capacity;
  7. UTHE ultrasonic generator output stable and efficient;
  8. Intelligent optimization of work speed.
  9. Can be welded with multiple IC and LED and IC welding

Model specifications

Operation Interface WindowsXP system
Effective Welding Range The maximum diameter120mm
The Maximum Diameter 33mm   Can be extended to40mm
Welding Stroke 50mm
Z-Direction Resolution 0.2μm
Outlet Angle 30°
Welding Diameter 0.8-2mil
Welding Time Digital programming control
Welding Pressure Digital programming control
Welding Power Digital programming control
Send / Pull Line Resolution 1μm
X-Y Table Welding Trip 140mm×120mm
X-Y Resolution 0.5μm
Rotate The Table Radius 10″
Rotation Angle Resolution 0.002 degree
Program Capacity Not limited to
Program Conversion USB
Voltage 220V AC
Frequency 50HZ
Power 600W

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