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Automatic loading and unloading high speed solid crystal machine (Period: 190ms)
Applicable to SMD3014,2835,5050 and high power, glass tube and oTher flat LED bracket)


  1. The best choice of flat crystal LED automatic solid crystal;
  2. High-speed solid crystal (190ms / min, The output of 18K per hour), accurate automation equipment for enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce costs to provide an effective guarantee, so as to effectively improve The competitiveness of enterprises;
  3. Solid crystal position precision and excellent consistency for The post-process to provide a guarantee of innate, while solid crystal position to ensure accurate LED light spot quality, good welding and beautiful spot with excellent chip to form a high-quality LED products ;
  4. Direct drive motor drive head;
  5. Using a linear motor to drive The wafer search platform and The feeding platform
  6. The use of new Thermostatic dispensing system;
  7. Vacuum leakage test;
  8. The use of automatic loading and unloading effectively improve The production efficiency;
  9. The use of fixture platform adjustable design, you can quickly switch between different stents;
  10. IPC control equipment operation, simplifying The use of automated equipment.

 The specification parameters

1. System function  4. Suction crystal arm arm robot system 
Production cycle 190ms
(depending on wafer size and bracket)
Crystal arm 90 ° rotatable welding
XY ±1.5mil(±38μm) Crystal pressure Adjustable 40g-250g
Chip rotation ±3° 5. Solid crystal table 
2. Chip XY table  Travel range 200mmx180mm
Chip size 6milx6mil-50milx50mil
XY resolution 0.05 mil (1.27 [mu] m)
Rotate The ring diameter 7.33 '(186mm) OD 6. Applicable bracket size 
Chip maximum angle correction ± 15 ° (optional) Bracket length 80-155mm
Maximum chip ring size 6 '(152mm) OD Bracket width 48,49,60 mm
Maximum chip area size 4 '(102mm) after expansion 7. Facilities required 
Maximum stroke 6 'x6' (152mmx152mm) Voltage frequency 220V AC ± 5% / 50HZ
Resolution 0.04 mil (1 m) Compressed air 6bar(MIN)
Repetition rate 0.08 mil (2 [mu] m) rated power 700W
Thimble Z height travel 80mil(2mm) Start power 1300W
3. Image recognition system  Air consumption 5L/min
Image Identification 256 grayscale 8. Volume and weight 
Resolution 512x512 pixels Long x wide x high 90x99x180cm
Image recognition accuracy ±0.025mil@50mil observation range weight 750kg

The system characteristics

Suction arm arm robot system
  1. Direct-drive motor drive head, The use of direct connection, reducing The mechanical structure of The positioning error, making The work to ensure The accuracy
  2. The direct drive motor is equipped with a high-resolution encoder, so that The product can be connected to a higher level than normal
Image recognition system
  1. Japan imported CCD digital camera (precision industrial dedicated micro-camera) and high-resolution coaxial light adjustable multiples lens
  2. High-speed imaging, high-definition images for image acquisition to provide effective protection
  3. 17 'color LCD display for image recognition preview and interface operation to provide more effective protection
  4. According to The different chip and bracket, select The black and white secondary or 256 gray image recognition
  5. Image recognition accuracy: 0.025mil@50mil measurement range
  6. The use of coaxial LED light source, side LED light source matching design, for The spot color reflector of different chip solid crystal to improve The reliable protection.
Machine rotation system
  1. Machine Fu dynamic standard parts are used internationally renowned brands (Japan THK Šp IKO Šp Sweden SKF) quality products, with excellent precision and wear resistance
  2. Linear motor and high-resolution reading head to ensure that The whole part of The rotation accuracy and stability.
  3. GS850P are used THK, SKF company specifically for The IT industry, precision automation equipment tailored to The outstanding products.
Image processing system
  1. Easy operation, programmable search chip range, shape and wafer spacing
  2. Programmable device parameter settings, PR positioning, providing fast device conversion
  3. Micron precision crystal mouth and thimble system design, to ensure The accuracy and reliability of crystal.
Linear motor drive crystal (X / Y) platform and feed (B / C) platform
  1. The linear motor is equipped with a high-resolution encoder for position detection and correction, effectively guarantee The positioning of The feed and crystal platform positioning accuracy;
  2. The linear motor work for The non-contact transmission force, mechanical wear is zero, so less failure, maintenance-free, improve The life of The machine.
Automatic loading and unloading system:
  1. Using roller automatic loading and unloading mechanism, to adapt to The general material box, easy to achieve feed,
  2. Feeding system with a simple material box, with conversion and equipment versatility, The work of The operator does not have to wait until The equipment, can achieve one person at The same time operate multiple devices, saving labor costs, The actual production capacity higher.

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