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Model Features

Flat high speed solid crystal machine (Period: 140ms)
Suitable for flip, COB, SMD, 3528,2121 and 5050) and oTher types of stents


  1. The best choice of flat crystal LED automatic solid crystal;
  2. High-speed solid crystal (140ms / min, 25K / h per hour), accurate automation equipment for enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce costs to provide effective protection, so as to effectively improve The competitiveness of enterprises;
  3. Solid crystal position precision and excellent consistency for The post-process to provide a guarantee of innate, while solid crystal position to ensure accurate LED light spot quality, good welding and beautiful spot with excellent chip to form a high-quality LED products ;
  4. Suction and one box and push The box in two ways compatible with The feed, recyclable box material; at The same time using The left feed and The right receipt of The way to facilitate The operation of personnel operating machine;
  5. Direct drive motor drive head;
  6. The use of a new contact with deep measurement system control swing arm;
  7. Linear motor-driven wafer search platform (X / Y) and solid crystal platform (B / C)
  8. The use of new Thermostatic dispensing system;
  9. Vacuum leakage test;
  10. Industrial computer control equipment operation, simplifies The use of automation equipment;

The specification parameters

1. System function  4. Suction crystal arm arm robot system 
Production cycle 140ms (depending on chip size and bracket) Crystal arm 90 ° rotatable solid crystal
XY ± 1.5mil (± 0.038mm) Crystal pressure Adjustable 40g-250g
Chip rotation ±3° 5. Feeding work platform 
2. Chip XY table  Travel range Stent length: 80MM-2630MM.
Bracket width: 30MM-130MM.
Chip size 5mil * 5mil-100mil * 100mil (0.13mm * 0.13mm-2.54mm * 2.54mm) XY resolution 0.02 mil (0.5 m)
Rotate The ring diameter 7.33 '(186mm) OD 6. Facilities required 
Maximum chip ring size 6 '(152mm) OD Voltage 220V AC±5%
Maximum chip area size 4 '(102mm) after expansion frequency 50HZ
Maximum stroke 8 'x 8' (203 mm * 203 mm) Compressed air 5kg / cm² (MIN)
Resolution 0.04 mil (1 m) rated power 700W
Thimble Z height travel 80mil (2mm) Start power 1300W
3. Image recognition system Air consumption 5L/min
Image Identification 256 grayscale 7. Volume and weight
Resolution 512 x 512 pixels Long x wide x high 140×97×180cm
Image recognition accuracy ±0.025mil@50mil observation range weight 600kg

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