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HAD836 Series Model Features

Flat high speed solid crystal machine (Period: 180ms)
Suitable for digital, dot matrix, high power, COB, SMD, 3528 and 5050)


  1. The best choice of flat crystal LED automatic solid crystal;
  2. High-speed solid crystal (180ms / min, the output of 18K per hour), precision automation equipment for enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce costs to provide effective protection, so as to effectively improve the competitiveness of enterprises;
  3. Solid crystal position precision and excellent consistency for the post-process to provide a guarantee of innate, while solid crystal position to ensure accurate LED light spot quality, good welding and beautiful spot with excellent chip to form a high-quality LED products ;
  4. Single box and double box capacity, save double box conversion time, the actual production capacity is higher;
  5. Direct drive motor drive head;
  6. The use of a new contact with deep measurement system control swing arm;
  7. Linear motor-driven wafer search platform (X / Y) and solid crystal platform (B / C)
  8. The use of new thermostatic dispensing system;
  9. Vacuum leakage test;
  10. Industrial computer control equipment operation, simplifies the use of automation equipment;

The Specification Parameters

1. System function 4. Suction crystal arm arm robot system 
Production cycle 180ms (depending on chip size and bracket) Crystal arm 90 ° rotatable solid crystal
XY ± 1.5mil (± 0.038mm) Crystal pressure Adjustable 40g-250g
Chip rotation ±3° 5. Feeding work platform 
2. Chip XY table  Travel range 155mm*285mm
Chip size 6mil * 6mil-50mil * 50mil (0.15mm * 0.15mm-1.25mm * 1.25mm) XY resolution 0.02 mil (0.5 m)
Rotate the ring diameter 7.33 '(186mm) OD 6. Facilities required 
Maximum chip ring size 6 '(152mm) OD Voltage 220V AC±5%
Maximum chip area size 4 '(102mm) after expansion frequency 50HZ
Maximum stroke 6 'x 6' (152 mm * 203 mm) Compressed air 5kg / cm² (MIN)
Resolution 0.04 mil (1 m) rated power 700W
Thimble Z height travel 80mil (2mm) Start power 1300W
3. Image recognition system Air consumption 5L/min
Image Identification 256 grayscale 7. Volume and weight
Resolution 512 x 512 pixels Long x wide x high 93×93×180cm
Image recognition accuracy ±0.025mil@50mil observation range weight 750kg

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